A Year of Nova

Saturday, 25 July 2020

As of today, Nova has been 'earth side' for one whole year. Which means I've also been a mum for one whole year. I know it sounds like a massive cliche, but genuinely, it has gone so so fast. I feel like only yesterday I was wheeled into the ICU to meet our perfect little creation. 

It's true what they say, motherhood has changed me. And it's obviously changed my life, which now revolves around this little person who is making me into who I am. 

I've always known that I wanted to be a mum. I always knew that I was born to love someone more than I could ever love myself. To teach them to walk and to talk, and to be honest and brave and kind. To forgive generously and to infect people with joy. In so many ways though, I feel like Nova's done that all on her own. She is such a people person. She waves at anything that moves and flashes them that cute toothy grin of hers. She already brings such a beautiful peace and sweetness everywhere she goes and makes the grumpiest of people she meets smile. 

For her first year, I thought I'd be her teacher. But instead she has absolutely, most definitely been mine. She's taught me to function on a lot less sleep, that forcing myself out of the house when I'm feeling low always makes me feel better, and that so much fascination can be found in the small, simple things. She's taught me patience (that might have been the first lesson on her curriculum for me!) and she's taught me selflessness and she's taught me to find peace in the loudest (if you catch my drift) of moments. 

We haven't had any actual words yet (except maybe daddy, but thats also what she calls dogs, pigeons and her toy bunny so who knows!) and although she can stand herself up, she's still a few weeks off of walking but that definitely doesn't stop her crawling around at top speed! She's finally started growing out that bald spot on the back of her head (finally, I hated that trend) and her four teeth make for the CUTEST smiles. 

She has turned my whole world upside down and I have never been so happy, ever.

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