A Look Back on 2019

Friday, 3 January 2020 Bath, UK

2019. Twenty Nineteen. What. A Year.

Probably the best and worst of my life.

We spent New Years Day in hospital as, after some heavy bleeding, 111 advised us to get to A&E asap with a suspected miscarriage. The most horrific start to the year with the happiest ending. The bleeding caused by a bruise on my womb because of how violently sick I had been. (I had HG for the first 32 weeks of my pregnancy). But our little angel was fine. 

We went home to our little box room in my parents house that we were staying in whilst looking for a place of our own. I barely left that room for the first two months of my pregnancy!

We finally found a space to call our own! A definite work in progress, but it was OURS. (Although moving and decorating at 7 months pregnant was not the one.)

We welcomed our little bundle of joy into world (rather dramatically!) at 17:17 on July 25th. Britain’s hottest recorded day. Ever. Nova Bethany Rachel was (and continues to be) worth every second. 

Learning to be parents… what a whirlwind! The best kind of whirlwind. Massive ups (first smile, first giggle, her falling asleep on my chest and so many more) and some considerable downs (C-Section recovery, mastitis, loneliness, anxiety) to finally finding a beautiful balance of normal.

I started this blog as a way to release some creativity in my everyday life. I LOVE being a mum, but it gets lonely and with that comes mum guilt. I wanted something just for me, and so, even though no-one (except maybe my doting husband) actually reads this, I consider this a success as putting myself out there like this would just never have happened a year ago! (If you do read this please drop me a text, I’d be very interested!)

Coat: New Look (similar linked) | Hat: H&M (old mens section)

We’ve spent time with family, our best friends, making new friends and connecting with old ones along the way. It’s been a beautiful year and I wouldn’t change a thing.

A few Personal Goals for 2020

01 Keep growing this little corner of the internet. Because I enjoy it and because it forces me to create something everyday even if it’s rubbish. And that is good for me!
02 Take a few more risks. Learning to stop focusing on what people might think of me and doing the things I love for me. Even if I look silly!
03 Go on more dates with Peter. Just us. Might sound obvious, but I believe it is so important to ‘date your husband’. I want to learn to be better at leaving Nova in the hands of her capable babysitter (aka my mum) and be in the moment. 
04 Learn to love my new ‘post baby bod’. My body has changed but I haven’t. My value hasn’t. I need the constant reminding though!

I hope you all had a wonderful 2019 and the greatest start to 2020. 


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