The Truth Behind the Shot for Instagram

Monday, 28 October 2019 Bath, UK

Today we went to a pumpkin patch ready for a magical day of beautiful Autumness. It was gorgeous; beautiful splats of orange dotted around a scenic field in the middle of the English countryside. 

Excited to venture out, and ready to take some highly instagrammable pictures we scramble out of the car and trudge off towards the giant pumpkin showing us the way.

Okay, so it is busy. And muddy. Still, we grab a wheelbarrow and journey on. We stop at a beautiful pile of pumpkins. “This is perfect” I think smugly to myself hurrying Peter to get Nova out of her carrier so she can pose with me. Ahhhh but she is not playing ball. Scowl after scowl, I realise that my baby girl isn’t really in the mood to sit on a giant pile of pumpkins and smile for the camera, and aware that there are people waiting, we admit defeat and decide to scavenge pumpkins in the next field over. 

It’s quieter, only two other girls are wandering around. “Perfect” I think to myself again. No sooner than turning to see if Nova is looking any brighter does she let out her first of many rather loud cries.

One thing to note about my daughter - it doesn’t matter how soon ago she had her last bottle, when this girl is hungry, she’s hungry. And she gives no warning. Sighing, we move to the side of the field. “We’re just going to have to make the best of it and feed her here” (My husband is a hero, I don’t know what I’d do without him). And that's what we do, admittedly rather awkwardly balancing against a wheelbarrow. 20 minutes and 6oz later (yeah my baby is a great feeder) we’re ready to go again. And then we hear it. A rumble from the depths of… well I don’t wanna know. She’s pooped. A lot. In the middle of a field.

In this moment, I feel like I have a choice. I feel so disappointed. And grumpy. This isn’t the magical day I had been so looking forward to. I want to give up and go home. “We’ll try again next year”. In fact, if it wasn’t for Peter’s constant positive outlook on life we probably would have. But instead we just stop. He makes me take a few breaths. “Babe,” he says, in that voice where I just know he’s going to call me out on something. “We’re here to have fun. We can still have fun even if it doesn’t look like we’re having fun on Instagram.”

Annoyingly… he is so right.

Sometimes I get so in my head about what my life looks like on social media that I forget to actually enjoy the moment. I forget to enjoy the fact that we have the freedom and the privilege to go to a pumpkin patch. To notice Autumn and the beauty of the changing seasons. To enjoy spending time with my incredible, handsome husband and the gorgeous little girl we made. To just be us, The Greenwoods, online and offline.

And you know what? After that we had a really great day. We stopped in a cafe, ate some great sandwiches, changed a nappy and ventured back. Was Nova happy and smiling now? Nope. Did she carry on moaning? Yeah, a little bit. Did we have fun anyway? We really did. And you know what? I reckon we got some pretty nice pictures to go alongside the memories too. (And y’know, to post on Instagram!)

Rozzi Hat: H&M | Jacket: Matalan (old) | Jumper: H&M (old) | Jeans: Primark | Belt: Primark (old) | Boots: New Look
Nova Hat: JoJo Maman Bébé | Jumper: George @ ASDA | Leggings: H&M

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